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Making Lasting Memories While Traveling Dubai


One of the best aspects of traveling is that the memories last long after the trip is over. The best way to make lasting memories is to have new experiences. These experiences can help you bond with the people you love, both on the trip and for years to come. A Dubai desert tour is an excellent way to experience new things in a convenient manner. You can relax knowing that the trip and activities are planned out for you, so all you need to do is relax and enjoy them. Desert Tour Experience When you get to the camp, you'll [...]

Making Lasting Memories While Traveling Dubai2022-08-11T14:04:07+00:00

Advantages of a Guided Dune Buggy Tour in Dubai


There are advantages to choosing a guided dune buggy tour, regardless of your experience level. The idea of setting off for a solo desert adventure may seem romantic, but guided tours have a lot to offer. Here are a few of the reasons why you'll want to choose a guided tour when riding a buggy in Dubai. Convenience When you choose a guided tour, you are provided with everything you need for your adventure. You'll be provided with everything you need for riding a buggy in Dubai. This includes safety equipment like gloves and helmets, as well as other gear that [...]

Advantages of a Guided Dune Buggy Tour in Dubai2022-08-18T08:03:57+00:00

A Beginners Guide to a Dubai Dune Buggy Adventure


Dune buggies are user friendly and a great way to explore the breath taking sand dunes of Dubai. However, before you hop in and start your adventure, there are things to know and consider. First, you'll need to rent a dune buggy in Dubai.  MX Dubai is the best place to rent a dune buggy in Dubai. You'll be provided with an experienced guide. You'll also be trained on the safe operation of the dune buggy, which only takes a few minutes. What Should You Wear? When it comes to offroading, clothes are something you don't think about, unless you wear the [...]

A Beginners Guide to a Dubai Dune Buggy Adventure2022-08-13T12:00:26+00:00

7 Things to Look for When you Rent a Motorbike in Dubai


Thinking about renting a motorbike while you’re in Dubai? Whether you’re looking to hit the dunes and ride the sand or visit a more typical form of track or trail, you should do your homework before setting out. There are quite a few places in Dubai offering rentals of motorbikes, quads, and similar equipment—make sure you’re renting from the right one, lest you end up with a sub-par experience. Quality brands A good rental company will offer superior brands and high quality machines. You’re in Dubai to enjoy yourself and experience some of the finer things of the city, so you [...]

7 Things to Look for When you Rent a Motorbike in Dubai2022-11-04T05:40:25+00:00

An Exclusive Guide To Quad Biking Activities In Dubai


Quad biking is an exciting Dubai activity that effectively quenches the adventurers' thirst. It includes excellent photographic scenes, sand boarding, camel riding, BBQ dinners, hublee bublee smoking for adults and much more. You can’t afford to miss this in your next Dubai visit. Renting Quad Bikes Yes, there is an option for you to rent a quad bike in Dubai. You simply need to visit the best provider or bikes rental store in the town, pick the best bike depending on your height and preferences, pay a deposit(refundable) then head to your desired riding area. This sounds great. Right? If you [...]

An Exclusive Guide To Quad Biking Activities In Dubai2022-08-11T13:53:21+00:00

Enjoy a Desert Tour Holiday in Dubai


Dubai is a set of the old and the new delicately mixed. It has a perfect combination of all environments you would want to spend time in and relax starting from the sprawling deserts, to beach sides and seven-star hotels. It also boasts of the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, an interesting culture, awesome architecture, and many other exciting experiences. If you are looking for a paradise away from home for your next vacation, consider Dubai as one of your top destinations. Shopping, drinks, and food are some of the things that you can find everywhere. If you [...]

Enjoy a Desert Tour Holiday in Dubai2022-08-12T10:01:49+00:00

Everything You Need To Know About Quad Biking In Dubai


Dubai is a vibrant city famous for its beautiful landscape, high-end shopping centers, and gigantic infrastructure. It also boasts of exciting sports like sand boarding, dune bashing, and quad biking among others. After a busy day of successful sporting, the visitors get luxurious meals at the ultra-modern oasis. One of the most loved adventurous sports in Dubai is quad biking. What Is Quad Biking? Popular known as an ATV, a quad bike is a three or four-wheel terrain vehicle with navigation tires and low-pressure tires. ATVs are specifically designed to be compatible with inaccessible designs. This makes them extremely useful for recreational [...]

Everything You Need To Know About Quad Biking In Dubai2022-08-19T11:07:49+00:00

Why Dubai Is The Best Destination For Biking Holidays


From the dedicated camel tracks to the cycle clubs and safe biking autodromes, Dubai is by far the best destination for all cycling activities. With an ever-changing face and favorable weather all year long, cyclists are drawn to the city by the terrain biking routes, state of the art tracks, and even international biking events. Whether you are merely digging deep trails along the Hatta hills or coasting in the Abu Dhabi corniche boardwalks, the region has various spots and features to satisfy your high pedal ambitions. Check them out Guaranteed Good Weather With warm conducive weather all year long, your [...]

Why Dubai Is The Best Destination For Biking Holidays2022-08-04T20:50:58+00:00

Where To Find Your Next Dirt Biking Adventure


Imagine you and the open desert, freedom like never before. That is what to expect when dirt biking over the dunes of the Arabian desert in Dubai. Experience the rush of tearing through warm sand, creating your own trails. Pop a wheelie or take a corner with precision using top-of-the-line motorbikes. Life is made up of memorable moments and desert riding can be one of them. Not sure where to rent a bike in Dubai? Don’t hesitate to ask the experts at mxDubai. They can steer you in the right direction with choice dirt bikes, dune buggy ATVs, and more. Take [...]

Where To Find Your Next Dirt Biking Adventure2022-11-04T05:43:21+00:00

5 basic skills every ATV rider should master


Before you start! Before you commit to learning anything at all about riding an ATV, take the time to go through your manual. You’ll also want to set aside a nice practice area you can use while you familiarize yourself with your new ride; you don’t want to combine the unique challenges of riding your ATV with additional challenges from an unfamiliar environment. Basic Riding Good posture makes for a good rider—learn to ride with poor posture, and you’ll find advanced techniques and more difficult terrain increasingly difficult to cope with. Eyes forward, watching the ground well ahead of you. Shoulders [...]

5 basic skills every ATV rider should master2022-08-17T08:42:31+00:00
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