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Pre and post-ride checklist for ATV sand riding

You’ll want paddle tires designed specifically for riding on sand and similar terrain. At the bare minimum, you’ll want your tires to be set to a lower PSI to allow for a greater surface area when riding. Tires configured for riding on hard packed dirt will dig into sand and leave you bogged down. [Read more]

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Brave The Open Water On A Jet Ski

Folks who are new to riding a jet ski on the open water can find it difficult to maneuver the first few times. This can cause them to beef it, to nosedive, lose control, or possibly get injured. No one likes taking a painful belly flop, back flop, or face dive into the water. If you love being on the water and want to rent a jet ski in Dubai, there are few pointers you need to take into account. [Read more]

8 tips for transitioning from dirt to sand riding

8 tips for transitioning from dirt to sand riding

Wondering what to expect when you trade a dirt track for dunes, a beach, or bike rental in Dubai? Don’t worry, it’s not all that complicated—and it’ll be a lot simpler if you set out with these eight tips in mind. Ideally, you’re going to be riding on sand with tires designed for the endeavor. Even if you aren’t, you’re going to want to lower the PSI so your tires can get a better grip on the loose sand. [Read more]

How to Master Corners on Your Dirt Bike

How to Master Corners on Your Dirt Bike

Nothing beats the adrenaline surge felt when doing wheelies, or dune jumps with your dirt bike in the KTM Dubai desert. And it’s even more gratifying when you can master the fine art of cornering trails during motocross racing. This could give you the advantage over your opponents, who find corners a tad challenging. You’ll have to take your throttle control, speed, the terrain, your body position, and traction into account for this. Here’s how you can carve your corners smoothly, when you rent a dirt bike i [Read more]

How To Do Wheelies Dirt Bike

Learn To Do Dirt Bike Wheelies

Popping a wheelie on a dirt bike is an exciting sensation. We have all seen expert riders tooling along on one wheel and thought about the fun of doing the same thing. What many people do not understand is that wheelies also help beginners learn a lot about riding their bikes. Learning to do wheelies will also help you master using the controls, and provides you with a lot of experience concerning how you are seated on the bike and changing your center of balance for different riding scenarios. [Read more]

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Experience Dune Buggies in Dubai by MxDubai

A dune buggy is a safe and exciting way to explore the Arabian desert in Dubai. Rent dune buggies in Dubai from mxDubai and join their guided tour over the spectacular red desert terrain on this section of the peninsula on the Persian Gulf. Dubai is one of the United Arab Emirates that extend along the southwest side of this body of water also known as the Arabian Gulf. [Read more]


Things to do in Dubai’s desert

Dubai, the largest city in the United Arab Emirates, is a world-class metropolis offering something for just about any traveler to enjoy, including gourmet dining, high-end shopping and luxurious accommodations. However, those who are looking for a bit more adventure in their vacation should look outside of the city to Dubai’s desert. [Read more]

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Enjoy Safe Dirt Bike and ATV Tours in the Dubai Desert

Dirt bike, ATV and dune buggy tours are exciting adventures for visitors to Dubai on the Arabian peninsula. mxDubai in UAE offers several KTM Dirt Bike Tours for beginners and advanced dirt bike and all-terrain vehicle enthusiasts. These tours last from two to four hours over the spectacular sands and dunes of the ancient Arabian desert. This is the land crossed by camel caravans for millennia. [Read more]

quad bike/ ATV machine rental in Dubai

Danger Zone: 5 Mistakes Beginner ATV Riders Make in Desert Terrain

The first time you take an ATV out to the desert you’ll likely feel like a kid on the world’s biggest playground. Miles of vast, open desert with rolling dunes beckon you to come and explore. However, before you jump on that ATV and head into the wild unknown, make sure you’ve covered some safety basics first. [Read more]

Biking and Other Outdoor Activities in Dubai

Biking and Other Outdoor Activities in Dubai

When many people think of things to do in Dubai, they immediately think of city activities. After all, there’s a lot of shopping, dining and nightlife to enjoy. However, some of the hottest action literally takes place out in the desert. The sand dunes beckon visitors to come out and explore them. When you get out to explore the desert on a bike, you’ll have a memorable experience that is unmatched. [Read more]