Visiting Dubai on a Budget

Undoubtedly Dubai is one of the most exciting and glamorous place to visit – but it is going to cost a lot too. If you are visiting Dubai for the very first time then reactions you get from your acquaintances might be like it is very expensive, it is going to be very hot etc.

Surely, it is an expensive place to visit or to experience different adventures for instance Dune buggy Dubai, but on the other hand you can always visit this amazing territory on an affordable budget. We have some inside tips that will help you watch your spending while you are on vacation in Dubai. Dune buggy Dubai

Tips for an affordable visit:

Here is the list of some practical tips that will guide you throughout your visit in Dubai:

  •  Try inexpensive gourmet food.
  • Ride on with MX Dubai.
  • Use public transport.
  • Buy gifts at local souks and Deira marts.
  • Look for free entertainment events.
  • Book budget friendly accommodation.

Try inexpensive gourmet food:

Dubai is a place that is full of expats from all over the world; therefore finding food that your taste buds will like is not only easy but affordable too. Indian, Chinese, Thai, Italian, Spanish or you name it – Dubai has restaurants with all kinds of food. A beer in Dubai costs around 7 dirhams with any type of food. Avoid eating at expensive restaurants; instead try small scale restaurants that are famous with the locals.

Ride on with MX Dubai:

Dubai is the hub of amazing activities but the question is: are those adventures affordable for every person? They are quite expensive; to get things under control, avail the services of MX Dubai. We deal in Jet Ski, quad bikes and dune buggy rental Dubai too. We believe in the satisfaction of our customers so if you want to experience the quality services in less cost then give a try to MX Dubai.dune buggy rental Dubai

Use public transport:

The most appropriate choice for you to travel is the public transport. If you are living in some hotel then you will definitely get access to metro bus. Metro bus service offered by Dubai is way cheaper than taking a cab to your destinations. Dubai has also introduced bikes for rental so that you can travel with more ease and less cost; you can rent a bike for 15 dirhams and the allotted time duration is 30 minutes. Also you can book a tour with a company that provides you pick and drop from your abode.

Buy gifts at souks at Deira marts:

Most tourists take back gifts for people at home. Do not purchase your gifts at expensive malls; instead go to local souks and get your hands on traditional items. Also try to hop into some brands with sale; may be you will find something worth your money. Avoid costly purchases. You can get item of your choice at the retails of Deira marts and different souks in outskirts of Dubai.

Look for free entertainment events:

There are various cultural events in Dubai that are arranged by some young artists in order to show their talents. The Archive Dubai is such a library that has open spaces for arts and culture. It usually offers free open concerts. A yearly event, Sikka Dubai, is where all dance and performances are for free. It is best to plan your event in advance so that you have enough time to search for free entertainment events.

Make the right choice:

Every tourist has his/her own budget limits. It is best to watch your spending so that you can set aside money for adventures and not spend all your money on accommodation and travel. The thing which matters a lot is making the right choice; bargain what you avail and what you don’t. Visit our blog for more tips and ideas.

Where Should You Travel Next Inside Dubai?

Dubai is the hub of all amazing places that are best for tourist attraction. You might get confuse when you visit Dubai by the intention of tourism because many hard choices you will have to make. There are numerous flower gardens, beaches for water sports and shopping malls to visit. Desert adventure too is a significant part of Dubai and people love to visit such places. Moreover, you can beat the heat by experiencing countless water sports. Whatever place you visit in Dubai, surely you will never regret it.

What to do next:

With so many options at hand, it gets a little confusing as travelers are unable to decide, what to do next? While you are in Dubai and thinking where you can travel next inside Dubai, here are some perfect options:

    • Water sports adventure
    • Dubai miracle garden.
    • Islands.
    • Beaches.
    • Burj Khalifa.
    • Dubai museum.

Have some water fun:

Traveling in Dubai is always fun especially when it comes to water sports adventure like Jet Ski tour Dubai. It is one of the most renowned water sports in Dubai that one will surely want to experience.

image Credit:

Dubai miracle garden:

It is one of the most beautiful places which consists of endless flowers beds. Flowers as far as the eyes can see; there are almost 50 million blooming flowers are exhibited in the miraculous garden. There are plenty of other attractions too including heart shaped pathways, pyramids and much more. The place is well maintained and looks fresh and beautiful regardless of the time and season.

Image Credit:

Palm Shaped Island:

Dubai’s most famous island is known to be as Palm Jumeirah Island. This man made island is a miracle on its own that has numerous hotels, shopping malls, high rise buildings and other attractions lined there. So, while you are wondering what to do, why not visit palm next?

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Who doesn’t want to spend a day at the beach? Dubai has some famous and wonderful beaches. When you are visiting Dubai, do not miss the opportunity of Jet Ski at Jumeirah beach. You must take the benefit from jet ski Dubai offers as these complete packages offer you everything at discounted prices. Some popular beaches for jet skiing are:

• Kite beach Dubai:

In order to enjoy the coolest waters ports in Dubai, Kite beach is the most appropriate one. From kite surfing to jet skiing or kayaking, nothing can beat the vibes of Kite beach. Better reach before 10 am at the beach; take the taxi to reach the beach or book your tour with a company that will provide you pick and drop facility.

Image Credit:

• The beach at JBR:

Another beautiful and worth visiting place is the beach at JBR. You are bound to take perfect Instagram snaps here; you must capture the beautiful moments that you experience at the beach. Do not forget to take the views from the Dubai Marina skyline in your background. If you are planning to head to a next destination, you can avail the shower facility for a small fee.

Image Credit:

• Umm Suqeim Beach:

How Umm Suqeim beach is different from other ones? The difference lies in the proximity to the city’s most significant building that is Burj Al Arab. The water over here is very calm which makes the water sports of every kind even more compatible. You can even swim at night because the beach is now open until mid along with full security.

Image Credit:

Burj Khalifa:

Burj Khalifa is known for its tallest structure, also it is a prominent attraction for tourists and rightly so. So, while you are in Dubai and wondering what to do, why not amaze yourself by visiting this skyscraper.

Image Credit:

Dubai Museum:

Dubai museum will take you back to the traditional Dubai. There are numerous artifacts displayed there. Do not forget to visit the underground section where the history of emirates is showcased using latest technology.

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Explore and Experience Dubai:

No matter what you do, make your visit a memorable one. The best advice is that plan your trip in advance. Book your tour with MX DUBAI; we will facilitate you with all the required services. You can visit our official website anytime.

How To Dress Like A Local In Dubai?

If you are planning to visit Dubai, either for living purposes or for a trip there are certain preferences that need to be followed. Dubai is a multi-cultural landscape and from the dresses of people, you can see that people from all parts of the globe have gathered there. It is not mandatory that while in Dubai, you will have to follow some particular dress code. However, in order to like a local Arab, there is a certain way you have to dress. You do not have to look like locals of Dubai when you are in your personal home or a hotel room. You may find it exciting to dress up like locals when going to theatres, bars, restaurants and shopping malls.

Dress codes in Dubai:

Dubai is a top-notch vacation destination which is no less than any other famous place. One thing that makes Dubai different from all other destinations is that it is extremely hot; you need to keep this thing in mind when choosing your dress. On the other hand, there are also some differences of culture and values of Dubai compared to other places.

Here are some popular local dresses for men and women in Dubai:


        • Burqa.

        • Kandura.

        • Ghutrah.

        • Ghafiya.

        • Geisha.


In order to look like a local of Dubai, women must wear Abaya. Basically an Abaya is a long elegant cloak which is often worn by the ladies of Dubai. Traditionally, this dress code covers the whole body of the women except the face, hand and feet. It is popularly known as the national dress of the women in Dubai. The color is usually black for the locals but foreigners also try different variations of color, design and style. Some local women also prefer to do niqaab (means covering the whole face) along with Abaya. Abaya can be a hurdle especially in the case when you visit Dubai for motorcycle off road adventures. Someone wearing it for the first time may find difficult to carry it well.


Burkha or Burqa is a kind of abaya which is worn by the local women of Dubai. The purpose of wearing Burkha is to cover the whole skin from the public. Women remove their Burkha when they are not in public or when are with their family members.


Kandura is also known as Jubbah or Khamiis is the most popular dress amongst the local men of Dubai. People of Dubai love to ride off road motor cycle rental and prefer to wear those clothes which are comfortable. Kandura is long robe that covers the whole length of body till ankles, which is usually in white color. It is loose fitted dress which can or cannot be worn during the ride, depends on the ease of the person.


It is a kind of typical head scarf that is worn by the local men of Dubai. It is usually made from square cloth of the cotton, usually of checkered design. It provides protection from not only the heat but from dust as well. Men of Dubai love to wear Ghutrah. During your dirt bike Dubai tour you will surely like to wear Ghutrah as it will protect you from the direct rays of sun and from the desert dirt too.


It is like a hat for Muslims when they pray. Mostly for the locals, Ghafiya is not visible because Ghutrah is above it. In other words we can say that Ghafiya is worn below the Ghutrah. Locals of Dubai love to wear beautifully embroidered Ghafiya.


Women of Dubai also like to wear Gishwa. Gishwa is small thin piece of cloth that serves as a veil. Face of Gishwa wearer is not recognizable but the wearer can see through it very easily. It is traditional dress code for local Dubai women. It can be worn during the desert tours because such dresses will not cause any hurdle.

Avoid revealing dress styles:

In order to look like a local of Dubai, you must avoid dresses that reveal a lot of skin. Dubai is such a place where the dress code ethics are not very strict but women are expected not to show off their skin in public.

Follow the rules:

You must follow the rules when you want to look like a local in Dubai. There are certain restrictions for both men and women when it comes to dressing. Even for tour purposes you must follow some dress ethics. You can contact MX Dubai so that complete details will be provided to you.

Traveling Solo vs. Group in United Arab Emirates

Undoubtedly, whether you travel alone or with a group, both have their own perks. There are some things that you can only cherish while traveling alone and not while traveling in a group or vice versa. When we look at desert adventures Dubai we see that what a person learns through traveling solo is incomparable. The learning that you will gain especially when Dubai desert motorcycle riding or even Jet Ski tours Dubai is priceless. It is not just what or how you experience but it is much more than that when it comes to “less economic burden”.

Is traveling solo a good option in UAE:

Certainly, Dubai is such a place which is a center of fun, joy, adventure, excitement and what not. People often visit Dubai for the sake of amazing and marvelous tours. MX Dubai provides an irreplaceable opportunity for its worthy customers to live the life at its fullest when you are in UAE. Along with other things, MX Dubai offers you Buggy adventures Dubai. You can have a Buggy ride on the deserts of the Dubai especially the Safari one. While you are alone in UAE you can have these amazing rides within very affordable rates. You can explore in more appropriate ways the beauty and the nature of the Dubai when you are alone.Buggy adventures Dubai

Not only buggy adventure is offered by MX Dubai but Jet Ski in Dubai and other desert adventures Dubai are also offered with remarkable packages.

Traveling solo in quad and motor bikes:

MX Dubai offers quad rental Dubai; there are various offers for quad lovers. Quads are not just simply bikes rather they are especially designed for the people who are daring and who want something new besides routine. Such people are rare and often not found in the form of groups. Motor bike rental Dubai contains several offers for customers to have motor bikes on rent while their stay in Dubai. There are numerous and countless desert adventures Dubai; so you shouldn’t miss out any adventure just because you do not have your own bike; you can also avail the hotel pickup service by MX Dubai.

Benefits of solo traveling:

Most importantly, you only have to pay only for yourself; no matter what you avail is quad rental Dubai or any other ride. Here is the list of some significant benefits that you will enjoy while traveling solo for desert adventures Dubai:

  1. Source of self-understanding.
  2. Staying in your comfort zone.
  3. Less economic burden.
  4. Interacting new people.
  5. No need to look at others’ preferences and moods.
  6. Boastful confidence.

Traveling in a group:

On a serious note, the joy of traveling with friends is one of the best memories you can every make. Traveling in a group enables you to understand your friends and make lasting memories rather than just indulging in a monologue. Be the explorer on Dubai desert motorcycle riding and compete and race with your friends. You can overcome your fears and encouragement you’re your friends will force you to become capable of coping up with fears in the most appropriate way. While you try off road motor cycle tour also give a try to buggy adventures Dubai with your group. In case you are having Jet Ski tour Dubai, two persons can ride together and the enjoyment you will get is unexplainable.

Benefits of traveling in a group:

  1. Make memories.
  2. Positive encouragement.
  3. Sharing the economic burden.
  4. Go the extra mile in adventure.
  5. New ideas.
  6. Backup in case things do not go as planned.
  7. Teaches organization, tolerance and sharing.
  8. Avail the discounts and vouchers.

It is rightly said that “you can never achieve success while you are in your comfort zone”. Even if you are travelling with a group of friends or family, you can still become a part of group travel; if interested, let MX Dubai know and we will make arrangements for you to become a part of a group travel for desert adventures in Dubai.

Whether solo or group – ENJOY!

Desert adventures Dubai are the greatest source of amusement, and the packages provided by MX Dubai can be customized according to your needs. Whether you are travelling alone or you are visiting Dubai with your friends or family, in any case, make sure to get the best out of these vacations. Browse through the tour packages provided by MX Dubai to plan in advance and make reservations for an awesome trip to Dubai.

Top 5 Most Preferred Motorcycle Tours Review In Dubai

Dubai is the hub of desert activities, and there are various companies which offer their valuable services to potential clients. Tourists are advised to conduct a research before coming to Dubai so that they can hire the best company for desert adventures in Dubai. All companies have their pros and cons. All the companies strive hard to provide the best quality of services, whether related to Dubai desert motorcycle riding or even motorcycle rent in Dubai. Given below is the list of those top companies whose services have ranked highest for customer satisfaction. Upside and downside both are mentioned, so that tourists can make an informed decision.

Top 5 tourism companies:

  1. MX Dubai.
  2. Big Red Motorsports & Adventure Tours.
  3. Just Gas It.
  4. Prestige Motorcycle Tours & Rentals.
  5. Royal ATV Dubai.

1. MX Dubai

Company profile:

MX Dubai is a very well-known name in the tourism world of Dubai. They offer outclass services so that the people can enjoy the desert adventures to their fullest. Based on customer reviews, MX Dubai is a good utilization of your money. They provide each and every facility for motorcycle hire Dubai during your trip. Moreover, they also provide you branded desert motorbike Dubai. Special kind of buggies is also provided for a memorable desert adventures Dubai.


When it comes to the advantages of MX Dubai then they are countless. Reviews from previous customers have highlighted many different benefits of going on desert adventures Dubai with this company. Following are some significant ones:

• One of the most significant benefits is that MX Dubai provides you the opportunity to ride motor cross and quad bike at the same time. It is not allowed by other companies.

• The desert motorbikes Dubai in their fleet are branded.

• A very welcoming staff is available for you, in order to receive you. Moreover, all kind of support and guidelines are provided MX Dubai.

• Buggies provided by MX Dubai tours are really so fast that they can even hit 100kph.


• Sometimes you have to face some schedule issues. The trip hardly starts from the set time; particularly it is because of weather reasons and other uncontrollable factors. Remember this when making plan for desert biking Dubai.

• Some people have reviewed as having no insurance, especially when they got hurt.

2. Big Red Motorsports & Adventure Tours:

Company profile:

Big Red Motorsports & Adventure Tours provide you the access to the amazing places for tourism. They have been rated highly by their customers for price, comfort and services. They specialize in organized tours with professional staff.

Image Credit:


• Definitely get rid of negotiating prices.

• Gives you the access to non-accessible places.

• Source of meeting interesting people.


• Sometimes it wastes your time at overpriced desert adventures in Dubai.

• It starts later than the usual or fixed time.

• They do not allow special fun activities on the tour.

3. Just Gas It:

Company profile:

Just Gas it a well-reputed company in arranging desert tours. It offers riding or renting of dirt bike Dubai along with other kinds of bikes. It offers the provision of buggy ride, Jet Ski and other Dubai travel services at comparatively low rates; so customer prefer to book for all-inclusive packages based on their preference.


• Motorcycles are up-to-date; repairs all kind of models and can rebuild engines.

• Other accessories are provided during ride including gloves, helmets, long boots, goggles etc.

• Guidebook is also provided; tour guide can also accompany if required.

• BBQ dinner is also offered by them after desert adventure Dubai.


• There are no some special cons when it comes to Just Gas It. Only the timing can get inflexible at times.

• Rates are considered a bit high for some audience to enjoy desert adventures Dubai at fullest.

4. Prestige Motorcycle Tours & Rentals

Company profile:

This company offers its services to visitors or even gulf residents. You can now select motorcycle vacation or you can rent a bike for your favorite desert adventures Dubai. The company offers its valuable services linked to motorcycle tour and also provides them for rent.

Image Credit:


• Complete guidance is provided by instructors.

• The bikes that are provided are in great condition.

• There are a lot of nearby hotels and malls.


• They charge you heavy cost when it comes to any mechanical damage.

5. Royal ATV Dubai:

Company profile:

It is a well-known company in Dubai tourism industry. It offers all the water sports and outdoor activities including desert adventures of Dubai. Professional staff is available in order to provide guidance. You can hire motorbikes too.

Image Credit:


• Professional and friendly staff.

• All fantastic equipment are available.

• The products offered by them are completely safe.


• Schedule can be inflexible.

• At times you have to contact the agent repeatedly.

There are pros and cons associated with all these tourism companies. However, you can rely on any of the above mentioned companies since they have built a repute with years of dedicated services to their valued customers.

Outdoor vs. Indoor Activities: Which is better?

Adventurous activities are the major essence of vacations. If you want to have this leisure time full on loaded with fun then missing these adventurous activities will make you go through utmost regret. Dubai is emerging as the most popular spot to spend best time with friends and family specifically during vacations. Dubai offers countless possibilities of spending the most pleasurable time during your tour there. You can look for some amazing water sports and activities such as Jet Ski rides, scuba diving or experiencing a cool sea cruise. You can also spend a thrilling time in the desert of Dubai with activities like Buggy rides and desert biking. Apart from these, you can have various exciting indoor activities including indoor skiing, exploration of theme parks and luxuriously designed shopping malls. However, some may prefer indoor activities more than outdoor ones.

With all these exciting opportunities lined up for people visiting Dubai from all over the world, a thought creates confusion in tourist’s mind about whether they should serve this leisure time in indoor activities or outdoor adventurous experiences. There is no doubt that Dubai is marvelous in everything and all the activities are as amazing as they sound. However, there are a few factors which should be kept in mind while you make a choice in this regard.

Over Crowdedness

Indoor activities are fun but they have a limited space which decreases the charm of those activities. On the other hand, outdoor activities allow you to experience various fun activities without any chances of denseness in terms of crowd or restricted place for activities to be enjoyed. Among these leisure time activities, skiing is one of the most the popular sports you can enjoy in Dubai. An amazing thing about this activity is that it can be enjoyed both in indoor as well as out in the blue seawater. However, it is highly recommended if you choose outdoor skiing because you can test your skills while tearing the blue water waves apart with great confidence on powerful Jet Ski rides. Kawasaki STX

If you are looking for even more thrilling experience on your vacation, there are a lot other activities that you can do in outdoor premises. Jet Ski riding is something breathtakingly adventurous as well as refreshing with which you can add up to the best memories of your life. You can search for Jet Ski deals in Dubai to book your tickets in advance through MX Dubai which is considered as one of the best JetSki service providers with all ease and security.

Nature and Landscape

There is nothing that can replace the beauty of nature. Indoor activities have a lot to offer, but you miss the charming sights of natural landscapes. Dubai is such an amazing piece of land on Earth which is surrounded with the beauty of wide blue sea water, a smooth sandy desert, huge buildings, creatively designed theme parks and a lot more. The breathtaking scene of wide sea specifically when you stand on the bank while seeing a drowning Sun in front of your eyes, it is indeed something more than incredible. The beaches and resorts are full on luxury packages where you can spend the most serene time. You can go on a sea cruise with your family and have dinner over a floating restaurant. Outdoor activities keep you closer to the chances of exploring nature as compared to indoor activities. Apart from the sea, you can enjoy traveling through dunes in the desert. Buggy rides are safe 4-wheel-drive vehicles that take you into the wide desert where you can see various species of birds as well as animals. You can make videos and take pictures to keep these moments in the diary of wonderful memories while touring in Dubai.

Vacation tours usually have a short duration. Therefore, it is really important for you to make a wise selection of the activities and adventures that you want to experience. Both, indoor and outdoor activities have their own charms. However, if you are looking for some real thrilling activities then opting for outdoor adventures will be something best.

15 Ways To Save Money On Your Family Vacations

When it comes to traveling, the first question all of us ask is: how much is it going to cost? While you visit UAE, along with your family for the amazing desert adventures Dubai; you should know a few tips to save money. The reason is that there are countless desert adventures Dubai including dirt bike Dubai along with quad bike rental Dubai; so you might want to try all of them and when it is planned with family then you may find it costly.desert adventures Dubai


Here are some key tips that will help you save money on desert trip Dubai 2018:

1. Tickets in advance:

Some companies offer the benefit of less cost on advance booking. For this purpose you have to check different websites online to determine which things are discounted in desert adventures Dubai. Moreover bookings in advance also let you not wait in long queues. Therefore it is an efficient way of booking either it is for your buggy tour Dubai or any other desert adventures Dubai.

2. Use a travel company:

Using a travel company can look like an extra expense for you but all you have to focus is that it reduces your other expenses. A travel agent can guide you about your traveling expenses your destination and various offers too. Travel experts like MX Dubai know which package which suit your needs best on the minimum possible cost.

3. Avail Discounts:

Before rushing for a trip you must do some online searching. Moreover, discounts and offers are best when it comes to your family vacations. MX Dubai offers special discounts to buggy tour Dubai. Many websites offer exclusive discounts too.

4. Use credit cards:

Credit cards are although not a very good option but some credit cards help you to a great extent. The reason is that some credit card helps you in the form of reward points. For example if you visit UAE for buggy tour Dubai then using credit cards will give you even more perks.

5. Travel on Tuesday:

According to the experts, the week’s best day for travelling in Dubai is Tuesday. The reason is that on Tuesday many companies adjust their prices. Moreover the best time is 11 am and onwards. So try to plan your desert adventures Dubai on this day.

6. Package you vacation:

It is important for you to know that individual bookings are proved to be more costly than the package bookings. So always go for package booking especially when it comes to going for Jet Ski Dubai offers with family.

7. Try to be flexible:

You must be flexible about your booking schedule. Try to book in mid-March; avoid the holiday season as after the vacations season, the hotels charge less.

8. Travel overnight:

Suggesting for traveling overnight is because of the fact that at night traveling rates are cheaper as compared to the day timings. Moreover it is a good option for young travelers within the family because of Dubai’s hot weather.

9. Choose activities according to your age:

Different companies offer different deals for a variety of age groups. Similarly if you are a student you will be facilitated with a lot of deals especially for desert adventures in Dubai. On a family vacation, it is important to choose appropriate adventures.

10. Save by walking:

When you reach your destination, try to explore the place by walking. Walk is the best way to explore the beauty of Dubai. You can also contact MX Dubai for hotel pick up to reach a spot.

11. Get a local sim card:

Instead of doing international calls, it is better for you to buy a local system. This will automatically reduce your expenses as calling internationally is quite expensive.

12. More lunch, less dinner:

Dinners are bit expensive in different countries as compared to lunch. Focus more on lunch and you can eat light dinner for example eating sandwich or salad etc.

13. Avoid touristy eateries:

Tourist eateries are very expensive therefore avoid them and eat locally. After desert adventures Dubai you will be served with BBQ. So don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a hearty meal with your family.

14. Use internet to communicate.

Internet is the most economical way to communicate to your loved ones.

15. Accumulate air points:

No matter which airline you are using, remember when you plan your desert adventures Dubai that you should accumulate your air points so that you can save for future travelling too.

Go for an economical trip:

There are various ways to make your trip an economical one. Enjoy desert adventures Dubai with your family at best deals. All these ways will help you out to enjoy more in comparatively less cost. So don’t miss the opportunity to explore the beauty of Dubai with your family.

MX Dubai’s Top 6 Relaxing Spots in Dubai

Dubai is considered as one of the best tourist spots across the globe and that’s the reason, families belonging to different countries plan to visit Dubai during vacations to enjoy some of the best as well as most refreshing moments here. Even if newlywed couples want to have some great beginning while enjoying amazing activities on such a luxurious land on Earth, they prefer to visit Dubai. There is however a lot to do in Dubai, but some activities as well as spots shouldn’t be missed while touring there. Here we have compiled a brief intro to 6 spots worthy to visit in Dubai where you can feel greatly relaxed.

1) The Pierchic Restaurant

There is nothing more romantic than a beautiful view of the seawater right in front of you. The Pierchic restaurant is a Mediterranean seafood restaurant which is located a few meters into the ocean connected to the mainland by a bridge. This seafood place gives a breathtaking view of the Burj Al Arab. You can have a perfect candle light dinner right in the middle of the ocean with your partner as well.

2) Dhow Cruise Dubai

Dhow Cruise is a wonderful restaurant that is different from the regular ones in so many aspects. You can have an amazing evening with your family or partner while you cruise through the seawater on a floating restaurant. How about that? Enjoy the mesmerizing services on your cruise with cuisines of all kinds having great taste to cherish. Inhale the calmness of water body covering all surroundings while floating all the way.

3) JetSki Riding Facility

Have you ever dreamed of riding in the seawater? Dubai is an amazing location for water sport adventures. You can experience a JetSki ride with your friends, family and partner in the broad seawater of Dubai. Dubai JetSki facility is a safe and professional riding facility that ensures your safe experience while you ski with your partner.

4) Shopping Malls

Dubai is known for having world’s greatest shopping malls with a wide range of local as well as international brands all located under one roof. Take your family, partner or friends with you for shopping the best quality items from all around the world in affordable rates. Enjoy diversified variety of accessories, eatables, perfumes, wardrobe items and a lot more under single roof with an ease of everything in approach. These malls are among those amazing spots to visit of which you might have dreamed.

5) Dune Buggy Rentals

Like to have some thrill to refresh yourself from hectic routine? Make your memories with friends, family or partner by experiencing the adventure of Dune Buggy Dubai. Dubai offers you Dune Buggy rental service to explore the widespread desert with fine sand welcoming you to enjoy its essence in a unique manner. Buggy rides are automatic 4-wheel drive rides which are easy and safe for you and your loved ones. So, if you want to have an adventurous refreshing activity, book your own Buggy tour and make wonderful memories.

6) Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa

We have talked about thrilling adventures in the desert already. But, for those who wish to spend a relaxing time in the desert of Dubai, there is a wonderful delight. Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa offers you everything including pool, dining facility and spa service. You can have the most relaxing moments here with an amazing relaxation therapy making you once again live through the best moments while touring in Dubai.

So enjoy this vacation with your friends and family in the most refreshing way while roaming and exploring around the best spots in Dubai.

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20 Weird Reasons That Attract Me To Visit Dubai

In my opinion, Dubai is one of the most beautiful cities to wander. It is an amazing city because it is ready to amaze all types of visitors. There are numerous reasons that bring billions of tourists to this city standing on desert. I have visited Dubai about 6 times by now and today I want to disclose some weird reasons why I am so attracted to this city; so read along:

  1. Whenever someone goes to a new place, it is natural to feel scared and out of place; but Dubai is a safe travel destination and I felt quite comfortable there.
  2. Dubai has something to offer for every mood and person; whether you want to try jet ski Dubai marina or you are interested in Dubai desert motorcycle riding, this city has it all.
  3. The city is perfect if you want to spend your holidays because it is an ideal place in terms of holiday destination and recreation. I tried Dubai quad tour when I came for vacations and I could hardly wait to come here again.
  4. The community regulations, food options, adventure and everything is moderate here, so I felt quite relaxed on all my visits to Dubai.
  5. I had the opportunity to experience the world renowned Dubai desert safari twice and I would highly recommend it to everyone.
  6. Weird as it may sound, but Dubai’s desert is an unforgettable experience. Dubai trip is totally incomplete without experiencing the desert adventures in Dubai.
  7. Buggy adventures Dubai is unlike any other place in the world. Desert Safari is surely one of the attractive and fascinating reason to visit this city. Arabian Desert of today is way better than the old folk lore will make you believe.
  8. This place surely makes you believe that deserts are not only for camel rides but for monstrous vehicles. You can do up and down on the sandy mountains in a Dubai sand dune buggy. I had the best time of your life doing it.
  9. Arabian hospitality was just outstanding; I enjoyed immensely in camps with appetizing BBQ, enticing dance and other entertainment. I availed the option of enjoying overnight camping under the sparkling blanket of the desert; indeed it is one of the most memorable nights of my life.
  10. You can have marvelous activities which include dune bashing, camel riding, sand boarding and much more. I look forward to trying all this.
  11. Do not forget to check out the shops available there for tattoos. Belly dance, barbecue and shisha are also available. You can book this activity for day time or night time.
  12. Dubai city and desert is a preferred recreational spot for all types of sports; whether you want to try jet ski Dubai marina or off road motorcycle tours, Dubai has everything you can ask for. Climate is so perfect for all outdoor activities.
  13. Being a sports fan, I want to try these things in Dubai on my next visits: Golf, windsurfing, jet skiing Dubai, dune buggies Dubai, off road motorcycle ride Dubai, and deep sea diving.
  14. The water sport activities are very popular during the recent years. Small speed boats basically drag you over the waves and launch you on the air. If you are a pure lover of water sports (like me), then you will definitely have a good time during this trip. Water sport activities that will make your trip more alluring.
  15. If Dubai weather is too hot for you, you can opt for numerous indoor activities to relax you. I wish I had enough money to spend on spas and wellness centers. If you cannot spend a lot on these things, then beaches of Dubai are open to everyone. Jet Ski rental Dubai will make you feel amazing without spending a fortune.
  16. If you try jet ski Dubai, you will want more and more of it. It also offers a remarkable view of Burj Al Arab.
  17. Dubai beaches are best for strolling, jogging and sunbathing. On sunset, Jumeirah beach offers a perfect view of the Arabian Gulf.
  18. Weird enough but it feel amazing to be on the top of Burk Khalifa, the tallest man made building on the planet.
  19. Being a selfie-lover, Dubai is my favorite place. I love my selfies taken during hot air balloon ride, Dubai jet ski, snorkeling, rides in theme parks and desert biking Dubai.
  20. Few other reasons that I love in this glamourous city include:
  • Tallest hotel and restaurant
  • World class shopping malls
  • Indoor theme parks
  • World largest aquarium
  • World famous mosques
  • Ferrari world
  • Golf clubs
  • Dancing fountains

So when you are going to book your vacation trip, then immediately pick Dubai as your destination. It is doesn’t matter that you are going on your honeymoon or travelling with your best friends; this is the perfect place and its incredible attractions won’t ever fail to excite you. Just pack your bags and go ahead to the world favorite destination.

12 Adventurous Activities to do in Dubai

Burj Khalifa is one of the major reasons why Dubai is witnessing such major surge in the number of visitors lately. And, the number just seems to increase every year! However, the iconic landmark is not the only reason why the city-state has ended up attracting visitors in droves. The sheer magnanimity of the place lies in its unprecedented development. From infrastructure to commerce, Dubai is a land of billion hopes coming true every year. As a traveler, you can hardly miss out on an opportunity to witness it up close. Dubai is also a land of extreme adventure sports.

Here’s a lowdown on the 12 adventurous activities that you can try out here.

  1. Desert Safari

No prudent traveler has actually come back from Dubai without really trying out a desert safari in a Hummer. The Adrenalin rush is maneuvering the rugged terrains of the picturesque land in your H2 Hummer. There is no dearth of tour conductors providing this exciting Hummer ride – so make sure you’re making arrangements in accordance.

  1. Dubai Marina

This can be your ultimate thrill ride – if you are actually willing to get a taste of the city state’s “adventure-scape”. You can now go on to enjoy the new addition – i.e. Dubai Marina which is this wondrous 1km zip line stretching right from the Amwaj Towers of JBR to the terrace of the Marina Mall of Dubai. Please find out further details and you’re good to go.

  1. Skydiving

It wouldn’t actually be an exaggeration to claim that if you are not skydiving in Dubai then you are actually leaving your tour incomplete. For many, leaving the beautiful gateway is absolutely out of the question without exploring its skyline—- without just flying through the same. The skydiving activities in Dubai are carried out under safe guidelines and of course strict supervision.

  1. Be a part of the urban maze

Now, though it may not really qualify strictly as adventure sports, you should still remember that taking part in the famed Jumble, will allow you to explore new opportunities for adventure for sure. Jumbled is actually dubbed as the first “indoor urban maze of the world” which offers you different twists, turns and mind-boggling mental challenges as well. Three to six people are divided in different groups- each working through a series of rooms – encountering a plethora of challenges. Try this one out for sure!

  1. Hot Air Ballooning

It’s relaxing and definitely thrilling at the same time. While soaring slowly above the cityscape you will actually end up realizing that you are seamlessly experiencing the transition from the glitz and glamor that we typically associate Dubai with, to the serene deserts. A hot air balloon box can accommodate a maximum of 24 people at the same time. You have room enough to explore the Dubai landscape in all its glory – as you soar way high in the sky.

  1. Flyboarding

If you thought that Bali’s (Indonesia) Benoa Beach is the only place where you have access to the fly-boarding activities then you’re actually wrong. Dubai has an equally exciting fly-boarding scene to offer you as well. When you know that you will actually be flying and walking on water, you tend to grow nervous—so much so that you probably end up doing more flopping than walking initially. Don’t worry! Let the supervisors guide you in accordance.

  1. Scuba Diving

To the Arabian Gulf! Explore the mysterious world of the underwaters. The Gulf of course has a lot going for it as a home to major adventure activities. From exploring the rich biodiversity to unearthing possibilities of great photography, do make sure that you’re actually taking the trouble to explore the scuba diving packages here.

  1. Helicopter Rides

How about just getting around the city state in complete style? If you’re aiming for luxury transport bookings across Dubai, then do make sure that you are actually exploring your chances to secure complimentary chauffeur services as well.

  1. Dirt Biking

If you haven’t really done it yet, then let us tell you that you must try it out before leaving the city-state — at any cost. While the pulsating images online can inspire an indomitable sense of adventure itself, the real ride of the dirt bike is worth a million bucks. There is hardly a way in which you can enjoy the deserts of Dubai more. Give your soul the best Adrenalin rush you have ever experienced before. If you are looking for best place to do dirt biking ten you should contact This website is the best dirt bike rental agency in Dubai that provides you with the best bikes and quad bikes you can get anywhere in the world.

  1. Paramotoring

What is it that Dubai doesn’t have? The dynamics of the country are further glorified by the fairly new paramotoring experience that it has to offer. You can soar up to 2,000 feet high in a helicopter depending on the wind and cruise at a moderate 40 miles per hour.

  1. Bungee Jumping

This one is, of course, one of the other coveted activities carried out in the city-state. Some of the most notable landmarks of Dubai like Gravity Zone conduct bungee jumping activities within the perfect environs.

  1. Deep Sea Fishing

Thanks to its iconic coastline, Dubai has actually emerged as one of the very important global landmarks where the most reputed mariners of the world practise deep sea fishing. You can try it out too!