Whenever we talk about Dubai, several things come in our mind either that are related to fun, excitement, fashion or even myths. Dubai remains on top in all the hot spheres of life. Dubai is famous for its fashion industry. Desert adventures in Dubai have been preferred by most of the people and we have observed that people are so much interested in such activities in their vacations. But here the point is that we also have gone through some of the most ridiculous myths about Dubai, you will ever come across. Let’s talk about them one by one.

Camel ride was very small:

As it was mentioned before that the people of Dubai or even the Arabians are fond of dessert adventures Dubai therefore we see such kind of ridiculous myths being discussed on the review box. Most of the people have discussed and surprisingly complained that whenever they go for a ride at a camel, the ride is always small. These people are unaware of the fact that the camels have the same type of sight that the humans possess therefore it is not impossible but risky to a great extent in order to ride on a camel in the dark. Therefore the ride is intentionally small at a camel.

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Everything is cheap in Dubai:

Well, it is considered that everything you buy in Dubai is of less cost. It is to be noted that the myth is created by those people who have across Dubai from other western areas, where the cost price of everything is quite expensive. Yes, they think that the Dubai is cheap because they have been paid a lot by living in other areas of world. Food, fashion, jewelry even the Enduro tour Dubai are considered as cheap, whereas we see that living in Dubai costs you a lot especially when it comes to the education.

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Women cannot drive in Dubai:

Well, this is the most ridiculous myths I have ever came across. The probation on the driving of the women is imposed n UAE not in particularly Dubai. On the other hand women have been seen driving all over Dubai and certainly there is no probation on their driving. Women can easily roam here and there and can drive. This is completely absurd that women cannot drive in Dubai.

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There is nothing that women cannot do by living in Dubai. Although there are some restrictions for example to cover their legs or wear proper clothes but when it comes to drive women are allowed for that.

Dubai is not a safe place to live:

This is very shocking to hear that Dubai is not safe place to live because Dubai is actually among the safest place to live. For instance in Dubai you will not have to be worried that your purse is in car and it might get stolen by some thief, or you are walking in the mid night at a beach you have to worry about the timings or the environment. The point is not this that crimes do not happen in a place like this but most importantly the crime rate is very less as compared to the other parts of the world.

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You do not have to be worried if your child in alone at the home or you are late from your office, no matter you are male or a female. So living in Dubai is the safest choice and the myths must have created by the people of Middle East based on their generalization.

The weather of Dubai is awful:

Well, targeting the weather of Dubai as awful in a whole or for a complete year is completely wrong. Obviously we cannot refuse the fact that the weather in the summers is really unbearable and is exceptionally hot and it at times it becomes very hard for you to go out or roam in roads because of the heat coming from the sun. But all such conditions prevail in the summers. Dubai gives you a very suitable weather in the rest of the months. The winters are not supposed to be the typical winters but the weather is very much suitable and you can actually in it.

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To sum up we can say that such things or myths prevail because of the people who have not been living in Dubai for so long. Therefore at times they fail to analyze things or to cope with them. So they make such kind of generalization. These were the most ridiculous generalizations made by most of the people.