Folks who are new to riding a jet ski on the open water can find it difficult to maneuver the first few times. This can cause them to beef it, to nosedive, lose control, or possibly get injured. No one likes taking a painful belly flop, back flop, or face dive into the water.

If you love being on the water and want to rent a jet ski in Dubai, there are few pointers you need to take into account.

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Gear and Safety

Having full gear before hopping on a jet ski is a top priority. This is especially important for folks that have never ridden on one before. You want to make sure your life jacket is the right size, fits you correctly, and supports your weight. Just remember, almost every first-timer will get wet while they’re learning. Don’t expect to ride the jet ski like a pro from the very beginning. Instead, embrace the water and have fun with your learning experience.

When you jet ski in Dubai, the rental agency will have the safety equipment needed before going out on the water.

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Get Familiar With The Equipment

A jet ski can go upwards of 70 miles per hour, which is extremely fast on the waves. There’s a huge difference between driving down a clear road and braving the moving surface of the ocean. When you learn to drive the first time, your instructor tells you to learn where everything is on the dashboard. This means knowing how to hold the steering wheel and knowing which pedals do what.

The same familiarity is similar for any type of motor vehicle, whether it’s a dirt biker, quad racer, or jet ski. When understanding how to operate the jet ski, make sure you know where all the controls are. The emergency shut off and the braking system is two of the most important controls to know from the beginning. Once you understand how they work and when to use them, get familiar with the sensitivity of the throttle.

It’s important to consider attaching a lanyard from the emergency shut off switch to your wrist. This will prevent any drive away jet ski’s in the instances where you may fall off. The jet ski’s engine will shut off, so you have time to gather your wits, swim back, and try riding again.

Climb On

Many jet ski’s have seats that can accommodate two people, so you have plenty of space to work with. Give yourself the necessary space you need to comfortably reach the handlebars. Now, when it comes to throttle, just remember to be gradual with the speed. When you drive a car for the first time, many folks tend to jerk the car around when trying to use the speed pedal. Pushing on the speed pedal too fast and hard will cause the vehicle to jerk. The same can be said for any motor vehicle with a throttle.


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Just remember, ease into the throttle so you don’t surprise yourself with sudden speed and fly off. Once you have gotten used to the throttle sensitivity, keep the speed low enough until there’s enough water between you and the shoreline. This means keeping the speeds between 5 and 15 miles per hour. Once you are far enough away from the shoreline, try out some faster speeds.

Maneuvering On The Water

Once you find yourself a safe distance away from the shoreline, don’t go all out. Do not attempt to go from 15 mph to 50 mph right off the bat. Instead, gradually increase speed when you want to and work on controlling your direction. Some jet skis require increased speed before taking a turn or corner, just remember don’t take it at high speeds. Gradually slow down for the turn because flying off is fairly common for folks attempting to turn at full speed.

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When you’re feeling adventurous enough with the throttle, take on the wake. Riding wakes can be difficult in the beginning, so remember to take things slow with the throttle. It’s also good water etiquette to be aware of your surroundings. This means watch out for other people on the water, especially if it’s their first time too.