Unforgettable Dubai – Activities on Sand and Sea


Motocross, a type of motorcycle racing held on off-road dirt tracks, owes its beginnings to the United Kingdom in the early 29th century. Classes of motocross racing include Enduro, Freestyle, SuperMoto, ATV/Quad Motocross, Supercross, Sidecarcross, Pit bikes, and mini-motocross. MX Dubai dirt bike and buggy tour operators offer rentals for off-road desert exploration. Alternatively, if you have your own bike, you can join an organized tag-along tour. Motorbike, buggy, and quad tours are a great way to meet new people, travel safely in a strange land, and pick up a few hints and tricks to try when you’re riding at home. Desert Motorbike Riding Enduro [...]

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Choosing a Motorbike Tour in Dubai


Choosing the right desert bike tour can make or break your experience. Are you an experienced rider? Someone who has never ridden before? Do you desire a few thrilling hours in the desert or days of riding? Dirt bike tours can be incredibly exciting, and they allow you to experience the desert in a way nothing else does. Choosing the right tour for your Mx Dubai adventure will ensure you have the best and safest time possible. Thing to Know Mx Dubai offers top of the line KTM 450 Enduro bikes for your tour. This bike is capable and powerful enough [...]

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7 Things to Look for When you Rent a Motorbike in Dubai


Thinking about renting a motorbike while you’re in Dubai? Whether you’re looking to hit the dunes and ride the sand or visit a more typical form of track or trail, you should do your homework before setting out. There are quite a few places in Dubai offering rentals of motorbikes, quads, and similar equipment—make sure you’re renting from the right one, lest you end up with a sub-par experience. Quality brands A good rental company will offer superior brands and high quality machines. You’re in Dubai to enjoy yourself and experience some of the finer things of the city, so you [...]

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Why Dubai Is The Best Destination For Biking Holidays


From the dedicated camel tracks to the cycle clubs and safe biking autodromes, Dubai is by far the best destination for all cycling activities. With an ever-changing face and favorable weather all year long, cyclists are drawn to the city by the terrain biking routes, state of the art tracks, and even international biking events. Whether you are merely digging deep trails along the Hatta hills or coasting in the Abu Dhabi corniche boardwalks, the region has various spots and features to satisfy your high pedal ambitions. Check them out Guaranteed Good Weather With warm conducive weather all year long, your [...]

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Where To Find Your Next Dirt Biking Adventure


Imagine you and the open desert, freedom like never before. That is what to expect when dirt biking over the dunes of the Arabian desert in Dubai. Experience the rush of tearing through warm sand, creating your own trails. Pop a wheelie or take a corner with precision using top of the line motor bikes. Life is made up of memorable moments and desert riding can be one of them. Not sure where to rent a bike in Dubai? Don’t hesitate to ask the experts at mxDubai. They can steer you in the right direction with choice dirt bikes, dune buggy [...]

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Desert Adventures To Enjoy In Dubai


With a metro population of over 5 million people, Dubai is one of the premier destination hubs in the Middle East and the largest city in the United Arab Emirates. Attracting tourist from around the world the city is home to modern construction projects, sports, shopping, and other modern works of impressive architecture. A truly global city Dubai attracts visitors from all over the world and its strong tourism industry has become one of the economic drivers of the UAE. However, Dubai is more than just its busy streets and many businesses. The nearby desert offers adventures and outings that are [...]

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Travelling Dubai One Piece of Tarmac at a Time


Dubai straddles the line between ancient tradition and futuristic melodrama. It's reinvented itself in a way that’s unique and audacious. When the sun sets, it transforms into a vibrant party capital full of rooftop dance floors and sizzling nightlife. By day, its culture is expressed through its gastronomy, music, and beachside art. The city was once a fishing village that enabled a little quiet trade. The sprawling skyscrapers haven’t detracted from its natural heritage, which offers some of the most thrilling desert safaris in the world. There’s only one way to immerse yourself in the experience: with the wind flowing through your [...]

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Dubai Nightlife: Top 6 Experiences To Grab


Dubai is the destination of dreams; for most people, their first ever holiday destination is Dubai. It is easily accessible, truly international, somewhat affordable, really luxurious, lavishly appealing and highly amazing! Over the years, Dubai has evolved so much that someone who has visited it a decade ago will not be able to recognize the Dubai city of today. The city has an astounding nightlife – partly thanks to the scorching heat of the day. International tourists who are not accustomed to the high temperatures of desert day prefer to explore the city during the night; so the city pretty much [...]

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Top 5 Most Preferred Motorcycle Tours Review In Dubai


Dubai is the hub of desert activities, and there are various companies which offer their valuable services to potential clients. Tourists are advised to conduct a research before coming to Dubai so that they can hire the best company for desert adventures in Dubai. All companies have their pros and cons. All the companies strive hard to provide the best quality of services, whether related to Dubai desert motorcycle riding or even motorcycle rent in Dubai. Given below is the list of those top companies whose services have ranked highest for customer satisfaction. Upside and downside both are mentioned, so that [...]

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Top 5 Motorcycle Enthusiast Movies That You Absolutely Must Watch


There are multiple motorcycle enthusiast movies which are a complete study of the most famous road race in the world. These movies are very amazing and urge the riders to have a hair raising experience. These movies are worth watching and just put you in the world of amazement. This may drag you out towards thrill and joy. Additionally rider can have a thrilling environment. And it motivates those who are willing to take part in motorbike riding. This is considered as the art of exploration and motorcycling go hand in hand. There is a level of freedom and excitement that [...]

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