Get Rewarded For Following Speed Limits In Dubai


Reward for speed limits- an innovative approach In an attempt to encourage the idea of following speed limit on the roads of Dubai, Dubai police came up with an amazing strategy. As the idea of following speed limits is to ensure the safety of everybody on roads by avoiding any accident, Dubai police will also give you incentives over this. They are going to reward all the drivers who will follow the speed limit with some points. Later on, you can redeem those points for gifts and vouchers. Dubai police commander in chief Major General Abdullah Khalifa Al Merri released the [...]

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Desert Dirt Bikes VS Traditional Motorcycles: What is the difference?


Undoubtedly, desert dirt bikes and traditional motor cycles look similar. But the fact is that they are completely different especially when it comes to their size, frame and more importantly their usage. There exists lot of differences between a typical desert bike and a motor bike. When you visit deserts you will definitely need a quad bike tour Dubai or desert bikes. The reason is that these bikes are especially made for riding in desert that is why they are also called desert dirt bikes. Differences Size: The desert dirt bikes are smaller than regular motor bikes. They are constructed in [...]

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8 Reasons It Is Time You Finally Get That Motorcycle Tour


Many people keep themselves busy with the boring routine; they want to try something new but don’t know about what to try. The urge of trying something new out of daily hectic and bore routine develops a feeling of excitement and fun. One feels pleasure even planning about it. Plan your vacations with your friends, family and give yourself a treat. Very few people know about the fun they can have with motorcycle tours. Especially Enduro Tour Dubai is very famous among riders. Today we will look at eight reasons why you should go for motorcycle tour. 1. It sounds, looks [...]

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5 Most Brutally Honest Reviews From Customers That Left Us Stunned


MX Dubai gives its customers the advance 2016 KTM off road Dirt bikes, Motocross and Enduros for rent in Dubai. We have a range of options that make this company better than all its competitors. It is the right place for you if you are looking for off road dirt bikes, Motocross and Enduros to rent in Dubai. MX Dubai is known for providing with best off road Bikes, Motocross Bikes, Dirt bikes or Endures. It is a combination of off road Motor Bike Rental, sightseeing and round trip. They provide the best deals for Desert adventures in Dubai. We are [...]

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Dubai Motorcycle Festival 2018: What’s New


Enduro Tours Dubai is a complete symbol of ultimate freedom. You can enjoy self-support and independence more than any other vehicles on open roads. In this way you can have the unforgettable feelings of riding dream motor bike and join a team of explorers. You can also spend your weekend, vacations and have thrilling emotions. Thus you can easily start your Enduro desert tour Dubai and avail the chance to touch the sand of desert. On the other hand, Dubai motorcycle festival is coming and tourists can have a lot of exciting motorcycle stuff so that they can enjoy throughout this [...]

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Get Ready to Ride Dubai With These Dirt Bike Riding Tips


Are you itching for a different type of experience in Dubai? It's not all highrises and beaches here, some of the most exciting activities that this area offers lie just past where the concrete ends and the desert begins. And how best to experience it? With a dirt bike capable of powering you past the sand dunes.

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8 tips for transitioning from dirt to sand riding


Wondering what to expect when you trade a dirt track for dunes, a beach, or bike rental in Dubai? Don’t worry, it’s not all that complicated—and it’ll be a lot simpler if you set out with these eight tips in mind. Ideally, you’re going to be riding on sand with tires designed for the endeavor. Even if you aren’t, you’re going to want to lower the PSI so your tires can get a better grip on the loose sand.

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How to Master Corners on Your Dirt Bike


Nothing beats the adrenaline surge felt when doing wheelies, or dune jumps with your dirt bike in the KTM Dubai desert. And it’s even more gratifying when you can master the fine art of cornering trails during motocross racing. This could give you the advantage over your opponents, who find corners a tad challenging. You’ll have to take your throttle control, speed, the terrain, your body position, and traction into account for this. Here’s how you can carve your corners smoothly, when you rent a dirt bike i

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Learn To Do Dirt Bike Wheelies


Popping a wheelie on a dirt bike is an exciting sensation. We have all seen expert riders tooling along on one wheel and thought about the fun of doing the same thing. What many people do not understand is that wheelies also help beginners learn a lot about riding their bikes. Learning to do wheelies will also help you master using the controls, and provides you with a lot of experience concerning how you are seated on the bike and changing your center of balance for different riding scenarios.

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Enjoy Safe Dirt Bike and ATV Tours in the Dubai Desert


Dirt bike, ATV and dune buggy tours are exciting adventures for visitors to Dubai on the Arabian peninsula. mxDubai in UAE offers several KTM Dirt Bike Tours for beginners and advanced dirt bike and all-terrain vehicle enthusiasts. These tours last from two to four hours over the spectacular sands and dunes of the ancient Arabian desert. This is the land crossed by camel caravans for millennia.

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