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An Exclusive Guide To Quad Biking Activities In Dubai


Quad biking is an exciting Dubai activity that effectively quenches the adventurers' thirst. It includes excellent photographic scenes, sand boarding, camel riding, BBQ dinners, hublee bublee smoking for adults and much more. You can’t afford to miss this in your next Dubai visit. Renting Quad Bikes Yes, there is an option for you to rent a quad bike in Dubai. You simply need to visit the best provider or bikes rental store in the town, pick the best bike depending on your height and preferences, pay a deposit(refundable) then head to your desired riding area. This sounds great. Right? If you [...]

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Everything You Need To Know About Quad Biking In Dubai


Dubai is a vibrant city famous for its beautiful landscape, high-end shopping centers, and gigantic infrastructure. It also boasts of exciting sports like sand boarding, dune bashing, and quad biking among others. After a busy day of successful sporting, the visitors get luxurious meals at the ultra-modern oasis. One of the most loved adventurous sports in Dubai is quad biking. What Is Quad Biking? Popular known as an ATV, a quad bike is a three or four-wheel terrain vehicle with navigation tires and low-pressure tires. ATVs are specifically designed to be compatible with the inaccessible designs. This makes them extremely useful to [...]

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5 basic skills every ATV rider should master


Before you start! Before you commit to learning anything at all about riding an ATV, take the time to go through your manual. You’ll also want to set aside a nice practice area you can use while you familiarize yourself with your new ride; you don’t want to combine the unique challenges of riding your ATV with additional challenges from an unfamiliar environment. Basic Riding Good posture makes for a good rider—learn to ride with poor posture, and you’ll find advanced techniques and more difficult terrain increasingly difficult to cope with. Eyes forward, watching the ground well ahead of you. Shoulders [...]

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Five Reasons Why Quad Biking Is A Great Way To Explore Dubai


As a travel destination, Dubai is typically thought of as being urban and luxurious. There are many palatial hotels in Dubai including The Armani Hotel Dubai and cultural attractions like the Jumeirah Mosque, but one of the most exciting and unique attractions to explore in the Dubai area is the desert. You don't want to overlook the opportunity to explore the beautiful desert settings that surround the city if you are journeying all the way to Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. Of course, you may be wondering how a tourist can get to some of these seemingly out-of-the-way locations around Dubai for an enjoyable tourist experience. [...]

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Exotic Adventures for the Outdoors


When traveling, it's nice to experience luxury hotels and refreshing pools, but to get a full experience of an exotic locale -- you need to get outside. Whether hiking through a rain forest or speeding along with a Dubai ATV rental - here are some of our favorite ideas for exotic outdoor fun. Adventure Zip Lining Swinging through the air has moved beyond small slides across the playground. Zip lining has become a way to experience top speeds while soaring over picturesque landscapes like canyons, lakes, and valleys. Travel to across the world to zip line down the side of a whitewater ravines or [...]

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Quad Racing In The Desert


Quad bikes, also known as 4-wheelers or ATV’s, may be used on a variety of terrains. ATV’s can be used year-round in snow, mud, dirt, and sand, regardless of the weather. If you are new to quad biking, here are a few safety tips to give you a better understanding of what to expect when riding 4-wheelers. Pick Your Learning Turf If you are in the market for a vacation destination where motorbikes and ATV’s are the themes, then consider the guided tours offered at mxDubai. Imagine the smooth sands and the warm breeze of the Arabian Desert. The vast skies, [...]

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Dubai Nightlife: Top 6 Experiences To Grab


Dubai is the destination of dreams; for most people, their first ever holiday destination is Dubai. It is easily accessible, truly international, somewhat affordable, really luxurious, lavishly appealing and highly amazing! Over the years, Dubai has evolved so much that someone who has visited it a decade ago will not be able to recognize the Dubai city of today. The city has an astounding nightlife – partly thanks to the scorching heat of the day. International tourists who are not accustomed to the high temperatures of desert day prefer to explore the city during the night; so the city pretty much [...]

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8 Hidden Places In Dubai That You MUST Explore


Within miles of sand and deserts, the famous tall towers touching the sky, man-made marvels and the palm fringed beaches Dubai city has many unexplored places. Dubai attractions have much more variety and multiplicity packed in, this is one of the reasons we forget to explore the Dubai hidden attractions. With our list of 8 hidden places to visit in Dubai you can explore this beautiful desert city beyond the famous tourist stops. So that you don’t limit yourself to the famous Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall and the Dancing Fountains. 1.   The Majlis Café, Jumeirah Mosque For your next visit in [...]

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Dune Bashing And Stargazing For Couples!


As I sit down to write this content, Kygo’s song titled Stargazing is ringing in my ears J. If you are seeking for a break from the tough life and you want a taste of adventure, then plan a vacation trip to Dubai. As Dubai is located on the Persian Gulf coast and it consists of a stunning and remarkable desert landscape. The desert is totally a natural wonder to behold and explore. It is an ideal spot for couple who want to have fun and adventure. There are multiple adventurous sport activities in Dubai such as dune bashing, deep sea fishing, mountain biking, quad bikes and many more. Doing all this, couples can have a dream vacation in Dubai.

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The Pleasure of Quad Biking in Dubai


Dubai is the best magical place for ones who are seeking thrill and enjoyment. Just plan a trip to Dubai and explore the beautiful desert on rental quad bikes and rental dune buggies in Dubai. Trainers are there to provide you right direction and in this way you can enjoy the glorious Dubai trip with your loved ones. MX Dubai is always there to provide you best services and you can definitely enjoy your trip. Pick and drop: In this fast paced world, it is very much important to be at the right place with the very right person. All visitors [...]

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