How To Dress Like A Local In Dubai?


If you are planning to visit Dubai, either for living purposes or for a trip there are certain preferences that need to be followed. Dubai is a multi-cultural landscape and from the dresses of people, you can see that people from all parts of the globe have gathered there. It is not mandatory that while in Dubai, you will have to follow some particular dress code. However, in order to like a local Arab, there is a certain way you have to dress. You do not have to look like locals of Dubai when you are in your personal home or [...]

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Traveling Solo vs. Group in United Arab Emirates


Undoubtedly, whether you travel alone or with a group, both have their own perks. There are some things that you can only cherish while traveling alone and not while traveling in a group or vice versa. When we look at desert adventures Dubai we see that what a person learns through traveling solo is incomparable. The learning that you will gain especially when Dubai desert motorcycle riding or even Jet Ski tours Dubai is priceless. It is not just what or how you experience but it is much more than that when it comes to “less economic burden”. Is traveling solo [...]

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15 Ways To Save Money On Your Family Vacations


When it comes to traveling, the first question all of us ask is: how much is it going to cost? While you visit UAE, along with your family for the amazing desert adventures Dubai; you should know a few tips to save money. The reason is that there are countless desert adventures Dubai including dirt bike Dubai along with quad bike rental Dubai; so you might want to try all of them and when it is planned with family then you may find it costly. Tips: Here are some key tips that will help you save money on desert trip Dubai [...]

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20 Weird Reasons That Attract Me To Visit Dubai


In my opinion, Dubai is one of the most beautiful cities to wander. It is an amazing city because it is ready to amaze all types of visitors. There are numerous reasons that bring billions of tourists to this city standing on desert. I have visited Dubai about 6 times by now and today I want to disclose some weird reasons why I am so attracted to this city; so read along: Whenever someone goes to a new place, it is natural to feel scared and out of place; but Dubai is a safe travel destination and I felt quite comfortable [...]

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12 Adventurous Activities to do in Dubai


Burj Khalifa is one of the major reasons why Dubai is witnessing such major surge in the number of visitors lately. And, the number just seems to increase every year! However, the iconic landmark is not the only reason why the city-state has ended up attracting visitors in droves. The sheer magnanimity of the place lies in its unprecedented development. From infrastructure to commerce, Dubai is a land of billion hopes coming true every year. As a traveler, you can hardly miss out on an opportunity to witness it up close. Dubai is also a land of extreme adventure sports. Here’s [...]

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10 Important Rules for First Time Visitors to Dubai


Before you visit Dubai, there are few things that you should never take for granted. You must have heard about how strict the policies of Dubai are or many other horrifying stories. But the picture is not the way it seems. Dubai is a place of fun and enjoyment for the tourists especially when it comes to desert adventures in Dubai. Dubai can be a strict place for you if you will not follow or will break the rules being a tourist. Therefore given below are some important rules for the people visiting Dubai for the first time. Important Rules: 1. [...]

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7 Smart Choices To Make While Visiting Dubai


Dubai is not only a business hub now but also has become a point of tourist attraction. There are a number of worth watching places in Dubai, today we will discuss some of them. People from US should especially come over here for unlimited fun, there is something which they will never find in US. All people out there who are planning their vacations and tour in Dubai, should know that first of all they need not to worry about their stay in Dubai. There are a number of luxury hotels in Dubai. You may check rental sites in advance. As [...]

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5 Absolutely Ridiculous Dubai Myths Busted


Whenever we talk about Dubai, several things come in our mind either that are related to fun, excitement, fashion or even myths. Dubai remains on top in all the hot spheres of life. Dubai is famous for its fashion industry. Desert adventures in Dubai have been preferred by most of the people and we have observed that people are so much interested in such activities in their vacations. But here the point is that we also have gone through some of the most ridiculous myths about Dubai, you will ever come across. Let’s talk about them one by one. Camel ride [...]

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Experience Dune Buggies in Dubai by MxDubai


A dune buggy is a safe and exciting way to explore the Arabian desert in Dubai. Rent dune buggies in Dubai from mxDubai and join their guided tour over the spectacular red desert terrain on this section of the peninsula on the Persian Gulf. Dubai is one of the United Arab Emirates that extend along the southwest side of this body of water also known as the Arabian Gulf.

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