Popping a wheelie on a dirt bike is an exciting sensation. We have all seen expert riders tooling along on one wheel and thought about the fun of doing the same thing. What many people do not understand is that wheelies also help beginners learn a lot about riding their bikes. Learning to do wheelies will also help you master using the controls, and provides you with a lot of experience concerning how you are seated on the bike and changing your center of balance for different riding scenarios.

With a dirt bike rental, Dubai visitors can experience the thrill of off-road biking before buying a motorcycle. Beginners gain a great of experience on a rental bike, and will be able to use that experience to determine whether owning their own dirt bike is something they want to invest in. Before you hop on the bike and start to do wheelies, take a few minutes to learn a few helpful tips to keep you safer and help you understand the principals involved.

Dirt Bike Safety Tips

Dirt Bike Safety

Whether you are doing wheelies or just riding around, keeping dirt bike safety in mind is going to be helpful. Always wear protective gear, including long sleeves to provide a barrier between yourself and the dust in the air. Wear a helmet with a face plate, both to keep dirt of your eyes and to protect you from injury if you fall. Biking gloves and boots will prevent you from getting scrapes and scratches. Where dirt bike wheelies are concerned, you may have minor accidents when first starting out, and having the right gear is important if you want to avoid injury.

Get Familiar with the Bike


Doing wheelies is going to be a lot of fun, but you should learn to ride normally before you try to advance to riding on one wheel. By the time you advance to popping a wheelie, you should already know how to use the throttle, clutch, and brakes. If you have not mastered riding in a straight line, or how to make turns, you are not ready to ride on a single wheel. It may be tempting to do tricks as soon as you get on the seat, but lack of riding experience means that doing so is likely be frustrating or even dangerous.

Where to Sit on the Seat

For beginners, moving towards the back of the seat will be very helpful. Start by practicing riding around normally, only seated far back on the seat. Once you are comfortable with controlling the dirt bike from that position, you move on to wheelies.

Ride the Correct Type of Bike

Ride the Correct Type of Bike

Not all dirt bikes are the same. On a standard bike, the front end is weighted to provide more control in turns. Instead, try to learn wheelies on a performance dirt bike with a lighter frame and front end. Reducing weight on the front end is crucial to learning wheelies. A smaller, less powerful bike is also a good idea when learning to do tricks.

Performing Wheelies

Dirt Bike Wheelies

Once you are familiar with the bike, it’s time to learn the art of wheelies. Get up to a speed of around 40kph (25 mph). Try it in 1st gear first, but 2nd is probably going to work out better. Next, pull in the clutch control until the gears disengage. Now lean back a little and pull up on the handlebars, releasing the clutch and accelerating as you do. You may only bounce the front end off the ground at first, but with practice you can ride on one wheel. Tap the rear brake gently to return the front end to the ground.

Performing wheelies takes a lot of practice. Your will probably not succeed the first few times, and your bike may even fall over the first time or two. But once you get the hang of popping the front end up, you will be ready to try the feat at higher speeds and for longer distances. The important thing is to keep trying and stay calm.