Dubai gives you the chance to make a splash with some top water sports on the beautiful beaches. From banana boating to wake boarding and windsurfing the options for water sports are unending. When the temperature isn’t high, it’s time to hit the sandy beaches and surf the waves. When you are in Dubai and you have this much options for water sports, you need not to get confused for where to go, to have all that fun. Because, is right there for you to let you enjoy the most adventurous trip of your life to Dubai.

Amenities offered by MxDubai

Mx Dubai is just not like any other rental company in Dubai. We make your experiences memorable by taking you to places that no one will. We offer our customers the best adventure tours in Dubai. Either it’s a motorbike to explore what Dubai desert holds, a motocross rental of your preferred track, buggy rental, dirt bike rental or quad bike rental we give you every possible amusement of Dubai city at the best affordable rates.

We provide our customers with a challenging exposure to improve their skills and make your dream come true with our private guided tours to make you feel safer. Mx Dubai not only makes but also delivers the promise of giving a protected, high quality experience for you.

Mesmerizing range of water sports in Dubai

There is no single water sport that the Dubai city doesn’t have, if it’s available anywhere else in the world than Dubai also has it. You can kayak and paddle board around the famous palm Jumeirah beach, surf ski out. You can also kite surf on a kite beach and sail beside the water on board a ship. You can also go jet skiing with MxDubai in the blue waters around you. You can go splashing water with the refreshing sports.

You can travel the entire Arabian Gulf by going for scuba diving. The major part of Dubai’s heritage is fishing and the big coastline of Dubai lets you enjoy catching the real big fishes with the deep sea fishing. You can completely escape from city’s chaos and enjoy the picturesque beauty of the waters by taking the Stand-Up Paddle excursion and enjoy. On the other hand if you want to enjoy the underwater swimming and surf the wide sea and fly even above the surface of water for up to 10 meters then fly board is something that you must try, you can also use a jet pack with fly board to fly at the height of 45 feet above.

Or if you want to spend some time admiring the beautiful blue waters and absorb the nature within you than you can travel around the sea at your own personal submarine that moves like a dolphin. You can also take a wonder bus magical trip that goes on both the land and water. It is highly safe and this amazing trip ensures that you can see the amazing Dubai courts and also splash along Dubai streams. Water sports in Dubai are the best way to have a thrilling trip and enjoy the best time of your life.