1210, 2018

The Best Water Sports in Dubai

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Even though Dubai is mainly known for its desert, it also is a thrill-seekers paradise. Dubai features water sports and adventures for everyone in the family, including jet-skiing, scuba diving, and flyboarding.  With more than 50 km of coastline, mild temperatures, and clear skies, you can opt for a variety of water sports in Dubai. Jet Skiing Being on a jet ski allows you to combine the adventurous thrill of [...]

2909, 2018

7 Things to Look for When you Rent a Motorbike in Dubai

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Thinking about renting a motorbike while you’re in Dubai? Whether you’re looking to hit the dunes and ride the sand or visit a more typical form of track or trail, you should do your homework before setting out. There are quite a few places in Dubai offering rentals of motorbikes, quads, and similar equipment—make sure you’re renting from the right one, lest you end up with a sub-par experience. Quality [...]

1809, 2018

An Exclusive Guide To Quad Biking Activities In Dubai

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Quad biking is an exciting Dubai activity that effectively quenches the adventurers' thirst. It includes excellent photographic scenes, sand boarding, camel riding, BBQ dinners, hublee bublee smoking for adults and much more. You can’t afford to miss this in your next Dubai visit. Renting Quad Bikes Yes, there is an option for you to rent a quad bike in Dubai. You simply need to visit the best provider or bikes [...]

2408, 2018

Enjoy a Desert Tour Holiday in Dubai

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Dubai is a set of the old and the new delicately mixed. It has a perfect combination of all environments you would want to spend time in and relax starting from the sprawling deserts, to beach sides and seven-star hotels. It also boasts of the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, an interesting culture, awesome architecture, and many other exciting experiences. If you are looking for a paradise [...]

3107, 2018

Everything You Need To Know About Quad Biking In Dubai

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Dubai is a vibrant city famous for its beautiful landscape, high-end shopping centers, and gigantic infrastructure. It also boasts of exciting sports like sand boarding, dune bashing, and quad biking among others. After a busy day of successful sporting, the visitors get luxurious meals at the ultra-modern oasis. One of the most loved adventurous sports in Dubai is quad biking. What Is Quad Biking? Popular known as an ATV, a quad [...]