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Enjoy a Desert Tour Holiday in Dubai


Dubai is a set of the old and the new delicately mixed. It has a perfect combination of all environments you would want to spend time in and relax starting from the sprawling deserts, to beach sides and seven-star hotels. It also boasts of the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, an interesting culture, awesome architecture, and many other exciting experiences. If you are looking for a paradise away from home for your next vacation, consider Dubai as one of your top destinations. Shopping, drinks, and food are some of the things that you can find everywhere. If you [...]

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Desert Adventures To Enjoy In Dubai


With a metro population of over 5 million people, Dubai is one of the premier destination hubs in the Middle East and the largest city in the United Arab Emirates. Attracting tourist from around the world the city is home to modern construction projects, sports, shopping, and other modern works of impressive architecture. A truly global city Dubai attracts visitors from all over the world and its strong tourism industry has become one of the economic drivers of the UAE. However, Dubai is more than just its busy streets and many businesses. The nearby desert offers adventures and outings that are [...]

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Dune Bashing And Stargazing For Couples!


As I sit down to write this content, Kygo’s song titled Stargazing is ringing in my ears J. If you are seeking for a break from the tough life and you want a taste of adventure, then plan a vacation trip to Dubai. As Dubai is located on the Persian Gulf coast and it consists of a stunning and remarkable desert landscape. The desert is totally a natural wonder to behold and explore. It is an ideal spot for couple who want to have fun and adventure. There are multiple adventurous sport activities in Dubai such as dune bashing, deep sea fishing, mountain biking, quad bikes and many more. Doing all this, couples can have a dream vacation in Dubai.

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Top 10 Luxurious Hotels In Dubai


Dubai is an opulent holiday destination because of the glorious lifestyle it offers. It’s a perfect vacationing spot to revamp your inner self. Dubai has the outrageously comfortable, almost royal like, Michelin-starrer glamourous hotels that offer awe inspiring activities and entertainment for all kinds of people belonging to various ethnic backgrounds. From spa to water activities, from excellent room services to world’s best cuisines, luxury hotels in Dubai facilitate and pamper the tourists. Everyone must taste the luxurious life of dazzling 5 star hotels in Dubai once in their lives. Here are some most expensive hotels in Dubai that will give [...]

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How To Dress Like A Local In Dubai?


If you are planning to visit Dubai, either for living purposes or for a trip there are certain preferences that need to be followed. Dubai is a multi-cultural landscape and from the dresses of people, you can see that people from all parts of the globe have gathered there. It is not mandatory that while in Dubai, you will have to follow some particular dress code. However, in order to like a local Arab, there is a certain way you have to dress. You do not have to look like locals of Dubai when you are in your personal home or [...]

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12 Adventurous Activities to do in Dubai


Burj Khalifa is one of the major reasons why Dubai is witnessing such major surge in the number of visitors lately. And, the number just seems to increase every year! However, the iconic landmark is not the only reason why the city-state has ended up attracting visitors in droves. The sheer magnanimity of the place lies in its unprecedented development. From infrastructure to commerce, Dubai is a land of billion hopes coming true every year. As a traveler, you can hardly miss out on an opportunity to witness it up close. Dubai is also a land of extreme adventure sports. Here’s [...]

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Top 5 Motorcycle Enthusiast Movies That You Absolutely Must Watch


There are multiple motorcycle enthusiast movies which are a complete study of the most famous road race in the world. These movies are very amazing and urge the riders to have a hair raising experience. These movies are worth watching and just put you in the world of amazement. This may drag you out towards thrill and joy. Additionally rider can have a thrilling environment. And it motivates those who are willing to take part in motorbike riding. This is considered as the art of exploration and motorcycling go hand in hand. There is a level of freedom and excitement that [...]

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Get Rewarded For Following Speed Limits In Dubai


Reward for speed limits- an innovative approach In an attempt to encourage the idea of following speed limit on the roads of Dubai, Dubai police came up with an amazing strategy. As the idea of following speed limits is to ensure the safety of everybody on roads by avoiding any accident, Dubai police will also give you incentives over this. They are going to reward all the drivers who will follow the speed limit with some points. Later on, you can redeem those points for gifts and vouchers. Dubai police commander in chief Major General Abdullah Khalifa Al Merri released the [...]

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5 Most Brutally Honest Reviews From Customers That Left Us Stunned


MX Dubai gives its customers the advance 2016 KTM off road Dirt bikes, Motocross and Enduros for rent in Dubai. We have a range of options that make this company better than all its competitors. It is the right place for you if you are looking for off road dirt bikes, Motocross and Enduros to rent in Dubai. MX Dubai is known for providing with best off road Bikes, Motocross Bikes, Dirt bikes or Endures. It is a combination of off road Motor Bike Rental, sightseeing and round trip. They provide the best deals for Desert adventures in Dubai. We are [...]

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7 Smart Choices To Make While Visiting Dubai


Dubai is not only a business hub now but also has become a point of tourist attraction. There are a number of worth watching places in Dubai, today we will discuss some of them. People from US should especially come over here for unlimited fun, there is something which they will never find in US. All people out there who are planning their vacations and tour in Dubai, should know that first of all they need not to worry about their stay in Dubai. There are a number of luxury hotels in Dubai. You may check rental sites in advance. As [...]

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