Dune Buggy is an electrifying desert adventure that everyone visiting Dubai wants to try out. Grab yourself a powerful desert buggy and roar over the sands of Dubai like a real pro. Dubai Dune Buggy tours begin with a convenient pick up from your hotel followed with a comfortable drive to the desert site. You will be given a brief introduction to buggy rides and the safety precautions to take during the adventure.

After the briefing on off-road driving rules, you’ll be issued with the necessary safety gear and get ready to take charge of your automatic desert buggy. Experience the adrenaline rush as trained guides lead you up and down the demanding sand dunes. Take a few breaks in between for a breather and some soft refreshments. The mere experience of bashing the dunes on your own in the vast desert is unmatchable. Drive to the top of the high dunes and try your feet in a sandboarding adventure.

What are the Available Options for Dune Buggy in Dubai?

As you gear up to tackle waves of sand with Dubai Dune Buggy, there are several options to consider. You can find various activities that suit whatever level of adventure you yearn for. Discover the thrills of the desert with Morning Dune Buggy Tour that features an hour-long ride in an open buggy.

If you’re looking to have more fun, try the evening desert safari and navigate the desert in a Land Rover of your choice. As the sun sets down the desert plains, sit down and get treated to some live entertainment, including a traditional dance show. The delicious food, henna paintings, and beverages make your evening even more magical. Wind down the evening with some camel riding and sand boarding until after dark.

Dubai dune buggy

The Overnight Dubai Dune Buggy takes the evening desert safari to a whole new level. The events run from 3 pm to about 9.30am the next day. Join the desert campsite and spend the night under the peaceful, starlit sky as you experience the traditional Arabic hospitality. After spending long hour dune buggying, take some time to enjoy quad biking or camel trekking through the desert.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

Many people don’t think about what to wear to an off-road driving endeavor, but if you go dune buggying in the wrong clothing, it can ruin your day out in the desert. The soaring temperatures must be taken into consideration when choosing what to wear. You’ll do best with long-sleeved shirts and pants to protect your whole body from flying sand and the scorching sun. Wear closed-toed shoes like tennis shoes or boots. Your guide will provide you with a helmet and riding gloves for your comfort and safety.

Driving On Sand

If you’ve never driven on the sand, you’ll find it quite different from driving on tarmac or plain off-road tracks. Sand exerts more resistance on the wheels, meaning that you’ll have to speed more when climbing uphill slopes to keep up the momentum. It’s never a good idea to brake hard as it can easily get you stuck. Simply step off the gas pedal and the natural resistance of the sand will gradually slow you down.

Dubai dune buggy

It’s common to feel some wheel spin with desert buggies, and when this happens, avoid powering your way out as it won’t work. Forcing yourself out will just make a bigger rut. Just stop the vehicle, take a deep breath, and back up out of the rut. If this happens when you’re going up the dune, it’s advisable to go down the slope and try again with more power.

Experienced Guides

Your Dubai Dune Buggy guide can make or break your desert adventure. An experienced guide will give you tips and instructions on how to efficiently navigate the dunes and the areas to cover. A guide also comes in handy to ensure your safety during the buggy adventure. Guides are there purposely to help you have a good time while maintaining your safety. Additionally, they’ll help you out when you get struck or develop other mechanical issues.