Even though Dubai is mainly known for its desert, it also is a thrill-seekers paradise. Dubai features water sports and adventures for everyone in the family, including jet-skiing, scuba diving, and flyboarding.  With more than 50 km of coastline, mild temperatures, and clear skies, you can opt for a variety of water sports in Dubai.

Jet Skiing

jetski dubai

Being on a jet ski allows you to combine the adventurous thrill of riding in an open ocean with strong mechanical power.  A Jet Ski tour takes it one step further and lets you have fun on the water while taking time to see of Dubai’s infamous landmarks, including the beautiful Palm Jumeirah, the sandy Jumeirah Beach, and the  Burg Al Arab, a 7-star hotel.  Each tour includes a qualified instructor to show you the basics, and tours can last one or two hours.



Flyboarding in Dubai can make you feel like you have “super powers,” and are walking on water.  There is no better location to try this new water sport. With the beautiful coastline and blue waters, it’s the ideal spot to try riding the water, flying over a few waves, or even attempting a few tricks.  It’s a thrilling experience since you are literally standing on a jetpack, which features a powerful motor that propels you through the water and up into the air.

Stand-Up Paddle boarding (SUP)

stand-Up Paddle boarding (SUP) dubai

Stand-up paddle boarding provides a great water work-out since it fully stabilizes your core muscles. It’s a great introduction to board sports and teaches you how to paddle and burn up to 350 calories per an hour. If you’re not ready for high-intensity cardio movements, they now feature morning SUP yoga classes as well.

Kite Surfing


Kite surfing remains popular in Dubai, especially at Dubai Marina and Kite Beach.  It’s a water sport ideal for both professionals and beginners. It involves gripping the handle, which is attached to a kite-shaped parachute and then learning how to maneuver across the beach. You’ll get a full body work-out as you run across the sand and into the ocean and change directions.



Parasailing is for people who are not afraid of heights.  You’ll be hooked up to a parasail, which is guided by the boat and rises as the speed boat goes faster.  This sport gets your adrenaline pumping and lets you fly like a bird among the Dubai skyline.



Image Credit: guide-piscine.fr

Fly-fishing has become a popular water activity in Dubai, and ironically has nothing to do with fish.  Near Jumeirah Beach, you’ll find lots of speedboats guiding E-shaped inflatables in the sky. These inflatables hold up to two passengers, and you’ll feel a thrill as the wind hits your face and you see the Dubai coastline up close and personal.

Scuba diving


Whether you want to try scuba diving in the deep blue ocean or as an underwater adventure in an aquarium, you’ll find both in Dubai.   If you choose to try scuba diving in an aquarium, you’ll be surrounded by 65,000 different marine animals, such as sharks and manta rays, and colorful coral reefs.  If you opt to learn how to dive outdoors, you could be lucky enough to see different parts of history from shipwrecks to sharks.



Wakeboarding is like a combination of snowboarding, surfing, and water skiing. Both of your feet are secured to a single board, which is towed by a speed boat.  It works your core strength, since sometimes it takes several tries before you can even stand securely, let alone ski on the water and try some acrobatics.

Thrilling Waterslides


Image Credit: atlantisthepalm.com

Dubai also houses some of most thrilling wet and wild water activities.  Recently, the Tower of Poseidon, the largest waterslide worldwide, opened at Aquaventure. Riders will experience twists, turns, and horrifying drops.

Final Thoughts

Dubai features a plethora of water sports and activities the entire family will enjoy. The city houses more than 50 km of stunning coastline and beaches, as well as several adventure parks. You’ll find so many thrilling and adventurous activities, such as jet ski tours and kite surfing.