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Options For Water Sports Available In Dubai


Dubai gives you the chance to make a splash with some top water sports on the beautiful beaches. From banana boating to wake boarding and windsurfing the options for water sports are unending. When the temperature isn’t high, it’s time to hit the sandy beaches and surf the waves. When you are in Dubai and you have this much options for water sports, you need not to get confused for where to go, to have all that fun. Because, is right there for you to let you enjoy the most adventurous trip of your life to Dubai. Amenities offered by [...]

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Ride in Dubai: Top Jet Ski Safety Tips


Dubai is everything. From the world’s best glitz and glam to desert vastness to the best water sports, the city is never short of surprises. It’s even more indispensable since it has ready packages for everyone. No matter your preferences or interests, Dubai cannot disappoint you. The city has a sheer volume of water sports including jet skis. However, whether you are a beginner or a pro in jet skiing, you should consider these safety tips: Practice Your Turns Most learners find turning the Jet Ski hard. However, it’s easy when you maintain a low speed, it becomes easy to control it and [...]

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6 Family Friendly Places For Water Lovers To Enjoy In Dubai


Certainly, Dubai is the most breathtaking place in order to enjoy your vacations fully. There are numerous water parks, beaches and water fun activities waiting for you; these places have been a source of amusement and fun for tourists coming to Dubai especially when it comes to Jet Ski tour Dubai.  It is a worth experiencing activity that all tourists with family and friends must try. Dubai is known for its incredible places, so here you will be provided with a list for family friendly places for water lovers: Wild Wadi Water Park. Jumeirah Beach Park. Aquaventure Water Park. Club Mina. Sofitel [...]

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MX Dubai’s Top 6 Relaxing Spots in Dubai


Dubai is considered as one of the best tourist spots across the globe and that’s the reason, families belonging to different countries plan to visit Dubai during vacations to enjoy some of the best as well as most refreshing moments here. Even if newlywed couples want to have some great beginning while enjoying amazing activities on such a luxurious land on Earth, they prefer to visit Dubai. There is however a lot to do in Dubai, but some activities as well as spots shouldn’t be missed while touring there. Here we have compiled a brief intro to 6 spots worthy to [...]

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Why Jetskiing is a Great Dubai Activity


One of the biggest advantages to visiting Dubai is spending time in the beautiful beach areas. Jumeirah is, without a doubt, one of the best beaches in the entire region. An exciting way to take advantage of everything the beach has to offer is to go jet skiing, an activity that is perfect for newcomers and seasoned enthusiasts alike. What Are Some Reasons to Go Jetskiing? It's easy to learn, even if you're an amateur You'll see the ocean in a unique way It's a great group activity and way to meet people You can easily play games while riding Friendly [...]

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Brave The Open Water On A Jet Ski


Folks who are new to riding a jet ski on the open water can find it difficult to maneuver the first few times. This can cause them to beef it, to nosedive, lose control, or possibly get injured. No one likes taking a painful belly flop, back flop, or face dive into the water. If you love being on the water and want to rent a jet ski in Dubai, there are few pointers you need to take into account.

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