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ATV Rental / Quad Biking in Dubai

Experience Dubai Desert off-road Adventure!

​It is the right time to pack off your work, take some time for your adventurous soul, sit on a Quad and come out to experience the dunes of Arabian desert. The dive you will make in the sand while riding your quad bike will keep you ecstatic. MXDubai recognized for friendly attitude, high quality maintained bikes and creative itineraries; we are fulfilling the dreams of many by providing Quads / ATVs. We have a vision to introduce the sport which can leave a lasting impression on your memories and exceeding your expectations. If you are tourist, don’t hesitate to enjoy the most memorable attraction of travel experience in emirates.

We are offering you escapade with difference. Explore the wide spread sand on a Quad and feel the thrill. Enjoy the panoramic view of desert safari with family and friends a fun-filled quad biking day at mxDubai.

Our Exclusive Quad Biking Tours in Dubai

Enjoy the Thrills of Quad Biking in Dubai with MxDubai for an Unforgettable Adventure

Get the incredible feelings by riding the renowned vehicle of desert. If you are eager to spend this weekend or your vacations in the pleasing sight of serenity and get a bundle of crazy emotions rushing down your spine, then visit mxDubai and get your Quad ride in the Desert of DubaiOur company can offer you excellent tours of the dunes with top notch services.

Everyone is welcome as long as you’re 13 years or older. You also need to be at least 1.6 meters tall. These are safety measures put in place by governing bodies to protect bikers. The great news is that you don’t need prior experience to ride a Desert Quad Bike in Dubai. We will help you master the basics within minutes. Whatever stunts you’d like to try while on the tour, our reliable instructors will help you master them in the shortest time possible. If the stunt is too dangerous for a first-timer, we’ll also let you know.

My friend and I went for the 2 hours desert tour in Dubai this Sunday morning. I took the bike and my friend took the quad, since he can’t drive a bike well. Both of us had a great time.

It takes few minutes to start controlling the bike well in the desert, but after this it is pure pleasure to climb the dunes up and down and to go speed in the sand.

The team is both professional and friendly. I would go for the 4 hours tour tomorrow if I hadn’t a flight to take later today.

Florian Marmion

I took the 2 hour quad option and loved the experience, from the spot-on-time pick up at my hotel to the wild ride in the dunes. Staff are courteous and friendly and on our ride I fell behind a few times because I was the only quad following the buggies, but every-time this happened our guide turned around to check on me. I would caution novice riders, I used to do endurance on an off road bike for years, and I still find the ride challenging- but that was great, because it was not boring for one minute. A must if you enjoy the rush and sand and dust of off-reading.

Riaan Thiart
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We Prioritize Safe Quad Biking in Dubai

Amidst all the fun, safety remains a priority at MxDubai. We don’t just give out bikes and hope that you’re not involved in a nasty crash while out there. We know that with a rushing adrenaline and the terrains we have out there, accidents are a real possibility.

MxDubai provides professional instructing to everyone hiring our bikes. Even if you’re a professional biker, our team will still ask questions to determine your level of proficiency. For first-timers, we provide even closer monitoring. We also provide quality safety gear to further protect clients during their rides. The dune trails, though electrifying, are also risky. Riding through the sands isn’t the same as driving a car on tarmac. Even worse, the breathtaking scenes can sometimes be engulfed in sand, making it impossible to see what’s in front of you. Our safety gears ensure that you’re protected should an incident occur.

Steps to reduce the risks of accidents and injuries

1. Maintain Safe Speeds2018-08-04T07:41:47+00:00

Over speeding is a leading cause of accidents when driving quad bikes. Always maintain a safe speed that gives you control of the bike at all times.

2. Wearing Safety Equipment2018-08-04T07:42:34+00:00

We provide you with a helmet, goggles, and safety gear that protects against flying pebbles, dust, and other particles. Make sure you keep these equipment on at all times while driving.

3. Don’t Overload2018-08-04T07:49:34+00:00

Make sure you don’t exceed the carrying capacity of the quad bike. Most quads are for only one person at a time, so you should avoid having 2 or more people riding on it at the same time.

4. Be Attentive2018-08-04T07:49:28+00:00

Even a small grass hump can trap your wheels and cause you to roll over. Therefore, always keep your eyes on the designated path and slow down when approaching corners or rough terrain.

5. Caution Around Dunes2018-08-04T07:45:32+00:00

While dunes are exciting to drive over, you need practice and extra caution. Avoid driving over dunes at high speed, and if you get stuck while climbing a dune, reverse back to the bottom instead of accelerating further (because this will make you get stuck even more).

Ready to Book Your Adventure Tour with MxDubai

Off-road Guided Dirtbike, Dune Buggy, Quad Bike, Desert Adventure Tours in Dubai!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can we share one Quad Bike?2018-08-04T07:52:22+00:00

    Most of our quad bikes are only designed to carry one passenger at a time. Sharing a quad bike is overloading and is not safe while exploring the desert. If you’re looking to ride around the desert in pairs, our buggy tours may be a better option for you.

    How can I pay for a Quad bike tour?2018-08-21T13:06:35+00:00

    We accept PayPal, bank transfer, and cash on the day of your tour.

    What do I need to Bring?2018-08-04T07:53:16+00:00

    All you need is a means of payment and comfortable clothing. We provide all protective equipment, gas for the bikes, and a tour guide to help you enjoy your experience to the fullest.

    What should I wear?2018-08-04T07:54:37+00:00

    We don’t enforce any particular dress code, but we do recommend that you wear something comfortable for you. Avoid very long clothing that may get trapped in the wheels or on the sand.

    How fast can I go?2018-08-04T07:53:53+00:00

    Our quality and advanced bikes are capable of going at very fast speeds. However, never exceed a speed that you cannot safely maintain.

    Can my child ride your Quad Bikes?2018-08-04T07:51:30+00:00

    We have a minimum age requirement of 18 years for all quad bike drivers. However, we also have plenty of entertainment options for your children as you explore the desert.

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