ATV Rental / Quad Biking in Dubai

Experience Dubai Desert off-road Adventure!

​It is the right time to pack off your work, take some time for your adventurous soul, sit on a Quad and come out to experience the dunes of Arabian desert. The dive you will make in the sand while riding your quad bike will keep you ecstatic. MXDubai recognized for friendly attitude, high quality maintained bikes and creative itineraries; we are fulfilling the dreams of many by providing Quads / ATVs. We have a vision to introduce the sport which can leave a lasting impression on your memories and exceeding your expectations. If you are tourist, don’t hesitate to enjoy the most memorable attraction of travel experience in emirates.

We are offering you escapade with difference. Explore the wide spread sand on a Quad and feel the thrill. Enjoy the panoramic view of desert safari with family and friends a fun-filled quad biking day at mxDubai.


Our Exclusive Quad Biking Tours in Dubai

Enjoy the Thrills of Quad Biking in Dubai with MxDubai for an Unforgettable Adventure

Get the incredible feelings by riding the renowned vehicle of desert. If you are eager to spend this weekend or your vacations in the pleasing sight of serenity and get a bundle of crazy emotions rushing down your spine, then visit mxDubai and get your Quad ride in the Desert of DubaiOur company can offer you excellent tours of the dunes with top notch services.

Everyone is welcome as long as you’re 13 years or older. You also need to be at least 1.6 meters tall. These are safety measures put in place by governing bodies to protect bikers. The great news is that you don’t need prior experience to ride a Desert Quad Bike in Dubai. We will help you master the basics within minutes. Whatever stunts you’d like to try while on the tour, our reliable instructors will help you master them in the shortest time possible. If the stunt is too dangerous for a first-timer, we’ll also let you know.