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Dune Bashing And Stargazing For Couples!


As I sit down to write this content, Kygo’s song titled Stargazing is ringing in my ears J. If you are seeking for a break from the tough life and you want a taste of adventure, then plan a vacation trip to Dubai. As Dubai is located on the Persian Gulf coast and it consists of a stunning and remarkable desert landscape. The desert is totally a natural wonder to behold and explore. It is an ideal spot for couple who want to have fun and adventure. There are multiple adventurous sport activities in Dubai such as dune bashing, deep sea fishing, mountain biking, quad bikes and many more. Doing all this, couples can have a dream vacation in Dubai.

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The Pleasure of Quad Biking in Dubai


Dubai is the best magical place for ones who are seeking thrill and enjoyment. Just plan a trip to Dubai and explore the beautiful desert on rental quad bikes and rental dune buggies in Dubai. Trainers are there to provide you right direction and in this way you can enjoy the glorious Dubai trip with your loved ones. MX Dubai is always there to provide you best services and you can definitely enjoy your trip. Pick and drop: In this fast paced world, it is very much important to be at the right place with the very right person. All visitors [...]

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Pre and post-ride checklist for ATV sand riding


You’ll want paddle tires designed specifically for riding on sand and similar terrain. At the bare minimum, you’ll want your tires to be set to a lower PSI to allow for a greater surface area when riding. Tires configured for riding on hard packed dirt will dig into sand and leave you bogged down.

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Enjoy Safe Dirt Bike and ATV Tours in the Dubai Desert


Dirt bike, ATV and dune buggy tours are exciting adventures for visitors to Dubai on the Arabian peninsula. mxDubai in UAE offers several KTM Dirt Bike Tours for beginners and advanced dirt bike and all-terrain vehicle enthusiasts. These tours last from two to four hours over the spectacular sands and dunes of the ancient Arabian desert. This is the land crossed by camel caravans for millennia.

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Danger Zone: 5 Mistakes Beginner ATV Riders Make in Desert Terrain


The first time you take an ATV out to the desert you’ll likely feel like a kid on the world’s biggest playground. Miles of vast, open desert with rolling dunes beckon you to come and explore. However, before you jump on that ATV and head into the wild unknown, make sure you’ve covered some safety basics first.

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